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Engwe Engine Pro

A terrible experience

We are thoroughly displeased with the quality of the Engwe Engine Pro electric bicycle. Since its arrival, we have encountered numerous issues with the whole Engwe experience and with the Engine Pro model.

The packaging was in a deplorable condition upon receipt; it appeared to have been previously opened and large gouges on the box. Many of the cable ties were broken, scattered at the bottom of the box, and various items were missing. Before even extracting the bike from its packaging, we observed that it was soiled and damp. It remains unclear whether it had been exposed to rain due to the opened packaging or if it was a failed attempt at cleaning prior to re-packaging.

Regardless, when purchased new directly from the official Engwe website, the Engine Pro should not have been delivered in such a condition, especially since this was a genuine purchase and not a model provided for promotional review. Within the box, the rear light's lens cover was found detached with a broken clip.

We promptly informed Engwe about the package's condition and the fact that it had been opened. After taking a weeks scheduled break upon our return we began assembling the bike and sorting through its contents. That’s when the situation deteriorated further. The package lacked any assembly instructions or tools, fortunately, we had our tools and proceeded with the assembly. It was only upon reaching the final step—installing the pedals—that we realised they were absent from the box. At this point, we also noticed the charger/battery box was missing.

We have been in extensive communication with Engwe via email to address these issues. To their credit, their customer service has been attentive and has resolved most of our complaints.

When the battery was finally delivered, we charged it and fitted it into the frame. However, the battery we received lacked the Engwe branding, as depicted in most of their online images, and was unbranded on its casing. We exhausted the full battery charge within two rides and experienced issues when attempting to recharge it. The Engwe Engine Pro features a charging port integrated into the frame, but the charger did not align with the battery through this port.

After raising this issue with Engwe, their suggestion was to put some tape on a certain location of the battery which they sent and image marking the location on the battery where to place the tape. This solution proved futile, as did the use of a felt pad in the same location. The charging port on the frame is completely misaligned. Engwe responded by stating they would improve this in future models and advised us to remove the battery for charging.

This was the final disappointment for us with this bike; we felt we had been sold a defective product. We have repeatedly informed Engwe of our intention to return the bike and obtain a full refund. While they have expressed a sincere hope that we would retain the bike, the inconvenience has led us to believe that it may have been previously returned or used.

We would urge anyone considering an Engwe bike to conduct thorough research and think very carefully before investing their hard-earned money. Bear in mind, those YouTube videos can be biased, as channels often receive the bikes free of charge. A negative review could result in no further freebies from Engwe, so approach them with caution.

In conclusion, for now: AVOID.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Our investigations have revealed that these issues are not unique to us. Several customers have reported troubling experiences with the Engwe Engine Pro, supported by photographic evidence. A frequent problem seems to be the frame snapping. There are also instances of mudguards or fenders breaking, causing the front or rear wheel to lock during rides. Such defects have sadly led to severe injuries, including one individual sustaining a broken femur head. We extend our best wishes for his rapid recovery and support his legal action. The potential risk to the rider when a frame snaps is particularly on a busy road, is alarmingly high. Below, we have collated some images illustrating these concerns with Engwe bikes.

If you have faced similar issues with an Engwe bike, we encourage you to get in touch with us.